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user1491403410 Wed 17-May-17 10:36:23

Ok so me and dp are getting married in August, tomorrow we are supposed to be going to the registry office to give notice.

Dp asked to see his birth certificate from his mum. Dp had a very difficult up bringing and his mum made a lot of mistakes when he was growing up including lying to him about who his father was.

On dps birth certificate, it shows he was registered at birth under a different surname. Dp had no idea about this. He thought his surname was always the same even though it isn't his biological dads surname. He has his passport and driving licence and everything else registered under this surname.

Now his mum is being very cagey. We have asked her for proof that when she changed his surname - which was apparently when he was 2 years old - it was all done legally.

When we go to the registery office tomorrow, we really should declare that he has had his name changed and show proof of this.

However his mum is saying she has no proof, that it was a long time ago, she can't remember etc etc. It is looking like his name was never legally changed. Certainly not by deed poll which is what we need for tomorrow. So what do we do now? She has no records of changing his name which is what we need. Surely if he has the surname he has always used, she must of done something legal to change his surname? You have to send a birth certificate when applying for a passport which would of had a different surname on it.

There are so many unanswered secrets in this family. She is just trying to protect herself but our marriage is at stake here. Unless we say we had no idea about him having a different surname but we don't want to lie and surely that could make out marriage void?

Our wedding is all booked :-( can anyone help? We are waiting for someone to call us from the registry office

PerspicaciaTick Wed 17-May-17 10:41:09

I think that, if he has a valid passport and the name matches that on his address ID, then there is no need to link to any other name. If he wanted to then he might have his name put down as John Smith formerly know as John Jones - but he doesn't have to if he doesn't want to and has never used the other name.

tonian Tue 04-Jun-19 22:53:10

What happened OP - were you able to get married?

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