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hollyisalovelyname Wed 29-Mar-17 20:03:16

Help Please.
I just signed up with them. They have my Credit card number and now as I try to sign in- they welcome me back - I had signed out. Yet they say they don't recognise my password. When I go to reset my passport a message states they do not recognise the email address.
What can I do?
The number in the contact us section is not a UK or Irish number.
Help please- what do I do 😰

cdtaylornats Wed 29-Mar-17 22:41:31

Contact your credit card provider ASAP

hollyisalovelyname Thu 30-Mar-17 10:06:05

Thank you. Anybody else use them?

hollyisalovelyname Thu 30-Mar-17 10:22:11

Just beware.
I can't contact them.
They won't accept my email address to give me a new password.
It appears to be an American number and is 'out of service'
The hassle now to ensure I am not continually charged by them!!!
Those interested in Family History investigations Beware of

cdtaylornats Thu 30-Mar-17 10:45:20

The reason you can't call 1-888-896-4442 is that its a toll free number and international calls to those mostly can't be processed. Also they are EST so 09:00 there is 14:00 here.

You should cancel the payment at your credit card provider saying you think it is a scam. Then write to them cancelling.
Attn: Customer Solutions
360 W 4800 N
Provo, UT 84604

hollyisalovelyname Thu 30-Mar-17 15:58:52

Thank you so much. I rang the credit card company and everything has to be put in writing. It's the hassle of it all ( plus the financial implications) and I have enough stress in my life without this 😰

hollyisalovelyname Sun 09-Apr-17 09:58:19

Just hoping the registered letter I sent to their headquarters in US will do the trick. And informing my bank by letter.
I am so cross with myself for not realising there is no such thing as a free lunch ancestry check.
Beware anyone else thinking of signing up to
I shall keep you posted re reply from

hollyisalovelyname Sun 09-Jul-17 13:41:42

Thank you soooo much for your help.
Because of your help I got it sorted.
I shall donate a €10 to a charity of your choice.
I am not in UK, so keep that in mind when choosing the charity please.
I don't have a PayPal account either.

cdtaylornats Sun 09-Jul-17 16:55:01

holly - I am a supporter of hospices - so if you have a local one that would be great, alternatively any childrens charity.

I'm glad you got it sorted out.

hollyisalovelyname Tue 11-Jul-17 09:40:40

👍 Will donate to a hospice and again, many thanks.

hollyisalovelyname Fri 21-Jul-17 12:49:54

I donated €10 to a local hospice on your behalf for helping me.
Again, thank you.

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