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social services circa 1973

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rebecca1997 Sat 04-Mar-17 14:19:18

My ex husband would never talk about his childhood saying it was boring, cant remember much of it etc etc and changed the subject however I knew he grew up in care from about 1973. From the few things that have been said his stepfather abused him ( neglect and physically not sexually)until the police and social services got involved and he was removed to care but oddly not his sister who seemed to have been treated ok by them. his parents seem very secretive people, I know lie about various things to do with family. My children love their grandparents and although are able to make their own way there ( early teens) my son has adhd which his grandfather doesn't believe in and insists hes naughty and nothing a good smack wouldn't sort out!! I know he wouldn't dare but is there any further information I could access ie regarding court proceedings if any just to rest my mind even after all this time.

EyeStye Sat 04-Mar-17 14:24:51

You won't be able to access anything without consent from the parties involved. Care proceedings and social services records are not and have never been available to the public. Your ex husband or his parents could potentially access records about themselves if still stored which I doubt.
You could ask SS if they have any concerns about the children's grandparents from their records which would make it unsafe for grandparent contact but I think it is unlikely they have the records accessible

rebecca1997 Sat 04-Mar-17 14:54:40

thanks, I thought that would be the case, neither party would agree to permission. some years ago my ex husband was on probation and had to have supervised contact with our children ( nothing to do with him harming them and the court overturned it within 5 mins ) when I asked them if his mum could supervise it was a straight NO as she wasn't a suitable person, after forty odd years and never been charged ( as far as I know ) with anything.

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