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Husband V's Sister in law

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user1485216790 Tue 24-Jan-17 01:00:10

Help needed......::confused

My husband and sister in law having been fighting for a few years. He in Dec 2015 got in contact with her to see our new baby...........she eventually turned up 3 weeks later when I went to her after a c-section and for the following year she sees my girls every 4 months and causes nothing but arguments and trouble between us. I didn't want him to contact her after she didn't speak to us for over 10months even tho she knew we was having a new baby. She does nothing but false promises and its awkward when we do meet. Is it time to cut her off?!?! Any advice welcome. X

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TrollTheRespawnJeremy Tue 24-Jan-17 22:56:25

Well, it's not really your choice if it's his sister but you are allowed to say that you don't want to have anything more to do with her.

Leave the ball in his court.

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