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Is there a place called Rye is Suffolk?

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fluffywuffydoda Tue 20-Dec-16 22:01:26

I've got a relative in a census I'm finding a bit of a conundrum. Accordingly to the 1851 census my ancestor was born in Rye Suffolk. However I'm finding it difficult to find a place called Rye in this county, he is also not on any other census due to him being a mariner so I can't check if the invigilator misheard him and it was for example Rye in Sussex instead. I've definitely not miss read the handwriting it's a clear as day.

I thought there may be a possibility that there might have been a place called Rye Suffolk in the early 19th c which now no longer exists. Or it could be a place which is called Ryedon in Suffolk?

I'm stuck so I'm hoping that someone might be familiar with Suffolk history who can answer if there actually was a place called Rye in the county.

fluffywuffydoda Tue 20-Dec-16 22:02:02

That should say in not is

SliceOfLime Tue 20-Dec-16 22:03:16

There's a Rye in Sussex if there's any chance Suffolk could have been a mistake?

BeattieBowRisenFromTheDead Tue 20-Dec-16 22:05:41

There's an Eye in Suffolk, if that's of any use? confused

Boredomismyenemy Tue 20-Dec-16 22:05:50

Could it be Eye in Suffolk? I know of an Eye but not a Rye.

ididyeah Tue 20-Dec-16 22:08:12

If he was a mariner, I'd have a look at Rye in Sussex; that's right on the coast and has a small harbour from what I recall

ChampagneCommunist Tue 20-Dec-16 22:09:04

What's the surname? I'm from Eye & have done quite a lot of family history work on it, so might recognise the name.

fluffywuffydoda Tue 20-Dec-16 22:09:48

I could see how someone could miss hear Eye as Rye, particularly when accents were different.

fluffywuffydoda Tue 20-Dec-16 22:11:04

Communist I'll pm you the name, same surname as me

ididyeah Tue 20-Dec-16 22:11:24

Or there's a Rye Hill in Sudbury in Suffolk...or there's a Reydon, as you say. Not sure how you'd check things out further though

BikeRunSki Tue 20-Dec-16 22:14:53

Could it be that Victorian handwriting/letter shapes that look like they spell Suffolk, actually suell Sussex?

Yamadori Tue 20-Dec-16 22:18:28

Do you know whether your relative had any siblings? They might be easier to find on the census records.

fluffywuffydoda Tue 20-Dec-16 22:21:01

No idea of any siblings, as he's not on any other census it makes it v difficult.

fluffywuffydoda Tue 20-Dec-16 22:22:57

I thought it might have been the handwriting bike but it definitely says Suffolk

Yamadori Fri 23-Dec-16 17:29:44

Have you got his marriage certificate? Quite often you find relatives as witnesses. You can also look for people with the same surname in the parish register for that church. Their marriage certificates might have him as their witness. Informants on death certificates can provide clues too. The other thing to maybe look for is a will.

What about Genes Reunited? Someone else might be researching the same person.

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