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Is there an free way of finding out how someone died?

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Paleogal Thu 24-Nov-16 21:23:44

My great, great grandparents have an interesting story. GGGM died in June 1905 aged 42 leaving her husband and 5 children. The husband remarried to an older, childless lady within a few months (I suspect so she would look after the children) but he himself died 4 months after that, leaving the lady (who my 90yr old nan called 'nanny' to bring up all the children even though they weren't hers.
I'd love to find out how my GGGM died, the grave reads her name plus an infant so I suspect she died in childbirth. Even more I'd like to find out how my GGGF died, I wonder if he knew he was dying hence the quick remarriage.
Apart from paying to order a death certificate for them both is there a free way of finding out please?

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Yamadori Wed 30-Nov-16 10:07:01

If you know whereabouts they were living then there may be a report of the death or an obituary in the local newspaper of the time, copies of those are usually held at county libraries - usually on microfilm.

Someone else may be researching the same tree so you could check on Genes Reunited, or with the local family history society.

When it comes to ordering a certificate, then make sure you order it either direct from the actual register office itself or from the GRO website as there are a lot of websites around offering the service but charge a lot more.

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