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Fed up with husband's family not making an effort

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2015mom Mon 07-Mar-16 22:28:29

So my husbands family I guess they are all busy but so are we but I still find time to send a quick text to see how his sisters are. One of his sisters answers and just cuts it short by saying catch up with you soon!

The other used to text back but I text her last month and she never bothered responding at all so I am not chasing her.weird thing is I asked the other sister who said 'just leave her to it, you are trying and not much more you can do'

The above text suggests she has a problem with me! Why can't people be honest!

I cannot be bothered with the BS!!

Thing is the sister in law who ain't responding has a function end of March and we are invited! I don't want to go if she has a problem with me! If she can't be bothered to respond to my texts just rude!!

mummytime Sun 10-Apr-16 08:10:23

This might b better in relationships? Family History is more for people searching for their ancestors.

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