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legoisthedevilswork Sun 05-Oct-14 08:44:32

Hi. I am trying to trace the date of death of a family member who i believe passed away in 2012. Where is the best place to look? Thanks.

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TimeForAnotherNameChange Sat 11-Oct-14 21:18:40

Try local newspaper online archives. The indexes are not online for such recent years, but you could also try the actual record office if you know the area where the death was likely registered.

McBear Sat 11-Oct-14 21:30:04

There is a place in Birmingham that you can go and access all records of birth, death and marriage.

Not sure what it is tho and I believe there are others around.

bobinks Wed 04-Feb-15 19:37:02

if you know where they were buried there are some cemetery transcriptions available on line for free, and FreeBMD is a free search engine for births deaths and marriages (though not sure if they include 2012 as yet) - google it and you will find their web page

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