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Father's infidelity has lead to child

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bambam157 Sun 27-Oct-13 21:56:52

Yesterday I found out that I have a half brother as a result of an affair my father had 16 years back. I am not shocked, as my father has had 25+ affairs that I know of, but I don't know how to deal with this situation logically due to all the emotions. I haven't met him, my father doesn't know but my sister has become really good friends with him as a result of finding out he is our brother. She kept this in until last night. Early stages, but I am wanting to know what to do from the start so I approach everything the right way.

Has anyone been in this position before?

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CrystalDeCanter Mon 28-Oct-13 04:45:52

Bambam you may want to get this moved to Relationships which has a bit more traffic.

That's such a complex issue that you describe, so many dynamics, all depending on information that you haven't given - ie what your relationship with your dad is, is your mum around, does she know, what do you want?

Have you someone in rl to talk these things through with to help you make sense of it all?

I haven't been in your position but have some experience of family infidelity and it was very hurtful and took a while to get my head around it all, fortunately no other surprise siblings popped up.

Good luck.

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