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family tree software - any recommendations? Do I need it?

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clemetteattlee Thu 17-Oct-13 19:51:05

Hi everyone,
my uncle has done lots of research on our family history but his findings are all written up in prose and I would like to transfer it to a family tree format. I wondered if there was a (budget) piece of software that was good, or any other techy advice anyone could give?
Thanks in advance.

tb Mon 05-May-14 13:13:54

Most of the sites - genesreunited, ancestry allow you to build a family tree that you can export in gedcom format, which is the standard format.

The family research centre run by the mormon church will let you either build or upload/import a gedcom file, say from ancestry, to add to their database.

I've found some software called genmerge quite useful, it wasn't dear, €30, so under £20. It will clean up a gedcom file, finding duplicates, parents born before children, and can merge 2 family trees together, something that isn't available on the sites. Their support people were very helpful when I had problems.

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