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Could anyone with a Find My Past sub do a look up for me (perhaps in exchange for an Ancestry look up)?

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NulliusInBlurba Sat 04-May-13 21:03:17

I started a thread a few months back asking about the pros and cons of the three main different sites. In the end I went for Ancestry, as the shared public trees have proven invaluable to finding living relatives. But the one brilliant feature with FMP was a marriage match service, which would match up your named ancestor with several possible partners (presumably the people who appeared on the same page). I've hit a brick wall with some people with very common names, and wonder if the marriage match would come up trumps with an index number so I can order the cert.

The details:

George Morris (b. 1838ish) married Mary Evans (b. 1837ish) sometime in the period between 1856 and 1860, in the registration district of Pembroke (Pembroke Dock) or Haverfordwest (Milford Haven), Wales.

Obviously in return I'm happy to do a look up for something on Ancestry that can't be found elsewhere - perhaps if you want a family tree link. Any help appreciated!

custardsky Sat 04-May-13 21:56:29

Does this help? This result has a Mary Evans as a possible spouse:

Name: MORRIS, George
Registration district: Pembroke
County: Pembrokeshire
Year of registration: 1860
Quarter of registration: Jan-Feb-Mar
Volume no: 11A
Page no: 868

No need for a lookup in return... I'm an addict and have subs to both!

NannyR Sat 04-May-13 22:34:46

For future reference it might be helpful to know that you can find this info on freeBMD website. If you put George Morris in with a date range of 1855-1861 and Pembroke and Haverfordwest as locations, three results come up with all the reg details you need to order a certificate.
If you click on the page number it gives you a list of the other people on that page, usually two marriages per page in this case George Morris, Thomas James, phoebe Harris and Mary Evans.

NulliusInBlurba Sun 05-May-13 20:39:48

Thanks hugely to both of you - custardsky for locating what I'm sure is the right index no., and NannyR for giving my that valuable tip. Because I have the Ancestry sub I've tended to use only that, and didn't realise that FreeBMD has the match facility too. I've only been researching for the last three months so I still have a lot to learn!

Now I can order that marriage cert. Once I have the bride's father's name and profession I can move another generation back.

By the way, is it just me, or is the search facility much better on FMP than Ancestry?

NannyR Sun 05-May-13 22:08:09

Glad to be of help! It's quite an addictive hobby isn't it!

When I first started researching my family tree I followed one line back incredibly easily, lots of family information and documents. I got to my 4x ggrandfather, found his marriage certificate and hit a brick wall - there was no father listed. I've since followed every lead I can find but still keep hitting that brick wall, I just can't get any further back along that line.

So I decided that instead of just collecting as many names as I could on a family tree, I was going to do more of a family history, really find out as much as I could about how they lived. I've looked at war records, school records, I've taken photos of where they lived, researched the jobs they did.

It's been a really interesting process so I suppose what I'm trying to say is don't lose heart if the certificate doesn't have all the info you were expecting, there are lots of other avenues to explore!

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