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Anyone with an Andestry sub do me a quick look up?

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AuntPepita Tue 30-Apr-13 23:21:49

I was a member ages ago and found most of what I could back then, but I noticed a new record on there tonight and I am itching to find out what it is, but really can't justify the price for this one record.

It is in the criminal registers for a Mary Goseley, 1852, worcs. I am guessing not a happy outcome as she disappeared from the records about that time. Kind of dreading what happened, but morbidly curious. She was I think my 3xg grandads sister in law.

Can anyone help?

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AuntPepita Tue 30-Apr-13 23:22:18


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MrsPoglesWood Tue 30-Apr-13 23:48:58

She was sentenced to 2 months for larceny and transported. If you PM me your email address I'll email you the image of the court judgement from Ancestry.

I have ancestors who suffered the same fate. So horrible :-(

ThePskettiIncident Tue 30-Apr-13 23:52:25

Have you tried the free old bailey records for info? It's brilliant. You get any named person in the trial transcripts, so witnesses, legal people etc as well as accused people.

MrsPoglesWood Wed 01-May-13 00:04:01

Agree with Psketti I got some trial transcripts from Somerset Assizes. Very sad but I understood why my ancestor was transported. To us he would clearly have learning difficulties but back then he was just a rubbish thief who stole again and again from friends and family and got caught every time. Eventually they got fed up of him and reported him to the rozzers of the day. So very sad.

I've never been able to find out what happened to him after he landed at the Penal Colony in Tasmania or Van Diemen's Land as it was known back then. I hope he sorted himself out and made a good life for himself after he was released.

AuntPepita Wed 01-May-13 08:30:22

Thanks so much MrsPoglesWood, have sent you a pm.

Just horrible, she had two tiny children and a husband sad

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AuntPepita Wed 01-May-13 08:33:29

I have tried the old Bailey records previously but no luck, but thanks for the suggestion.

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