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can of worms?

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cjdamoo Sat 16-Mar-13 00:20:54

The husband Knows very little about his Paternal family His mum and biological father were married but split whilst he was young No one on his maternal side will tell him anything.

Through research we have found out his fathers name place of birth his paternal grandmothers name and that he has an Uncle who is findable via Fb. Nothing however on his father.

It apears his paternal side hail from alnwick in Northumberland.

We have sent a message to the uncle via Facebook who appears to still live in Alnwick but also appears to be not very active ob FB. There is however a phone number for the correct surname in the correct place. Would you call it? What would you say?

anonymosity Sat 16-Mar-13 01:42:45

I wouldn't call it - I would write a letter, if possible. You don't want to give the old chap a scare.

cjdamoo Sat 16-Mar-13 02:44:42

Problem is there isno address just a number and town :s

anonymosity Sat 16-Mar-13 04:20:51

have you tried

MusicalEndorphins Sat 16-Mar-13 05:29:43

Can you reverse search the phone number?
I love it when people find long lost family members. I hope this works out well for all concerned.

MusicalEndorphins Sat 16-Mar-13 05:34:37

If you can't find his address, (but try that first) and you did call, perhaps say the "husband" is working on his family tree, with very little information on his paternal side, whom he has never known. That he has an uncle by the name of so and so, and his grandparents names were such and such.

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