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Storing old photos idea, I want some feedback

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lljkk Sun 17-Feb-13 18:25:14

I decided to take lots of old family photos out of picture frames (never displayed) and put them into albums. Also includes some photos & documents lying around not in any album but that I want to keep.

Some items are over-sized and will go into an acid-free portfolio (A2 size?).

I can't decide what's best with others. Do I just sort them into albums in approx date order, making up as few albums as needed OR

I could sort by generation, by family branch, or even a selection of photos from each family branch into 4 different albums, one album for each of my 4 DC to inherit one day.

What do you think, what would you do?

ps: most have been scanned in already, and I like keeping old photos, especially ones back to early 1900s or earlier.

lljkk Mon 18-Feb-13 08:29:26

no one?

MercedesKing Thu 21-Feb-13 07:52:07

Oh, In fact it might be a little hard to have so many old photos about the whole family saved for such a long time.

lljkk Sat 02-Mar-13 16:23:44

Update: I decided to store them in just a few family group albums. I got acid-free sleeves online & put all into those for safe long-term storage. Plus one A3 size acid-free portfolio for supersize items. Think that will work best.

HarrogateMum Thu 09-May-13 15:39:00

Have you tried a website - It allows you to create a timeline of your life/family adding stories and photos along the way, like an interactive family album with knobs on!

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