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Invent a Child :-)

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badtemperedaldbitch Thu 24-Jan-13 17:29:41

My friend registered her baby on the latest day possible,and when she walked in the registrar said..........ah this must be xxxxx.

She already knew the name an EVERYTHING!

Rachael1880 Thu 24-Jan-13 16:05:46

Yeah good point, but if they pass the mother name to the registrat it may now be difficult to falsify the record by giving a different name as it wouldn't match, perhaps??

I wont go into if you have a baby whilst on a flight, do you have to pinpoint your location to see where the birth is registered, just messing smile

LexyMa Thu 24-Jan-13 16:01:09

We registered the birth and they already had basic info from the hospital. I guess they would come looking if a birth (or indeed a neonatal death sad ) did not get registered within the 6 weeks or whatever it is to match up with the records from the hospital.

I guess off grid or relative-claimed babies must exist even today in the UK, but I doubt for very happy reasons.

Rachael1880 Thu 24-Jan-13 15:55:31

haha no not a theory I would wish to find out either, the more we thought about it the more we got talking, we lead sad lives!!

So I guess the registrar has a lot of info to hand before you even get to the office, I know years ago illegitimate children often were registered by other family members who were in 'Wedlock' I guess this cant really happen anymore if the details are passed over to the registrar, which is a good thing smile

I cant recall if we had to take our marriage certificate or not?

pettyprudence Thu 24-Jan-13 15:50:13

Erm your baby gets allocated an nhs number at birth and you have to take documents given by your mw to the registry office and your local gp surgery. I think the mw must do some kind of registration when your not looking confused. I'm fairly sure I also had to take my marriage certificate (or if i didn't i think dh has to if they are registering the birth without the mother being present?)

I never did the gp bit until after 42 days (I didn't bloody know ok!) and so although they have his name, when I took him to a&e last month, they still had him registered as "baby prudence" grin

I suppose your child could be "off grid" if you had an unassisted home birth and you never informed your gp/mw of pregnancy? Not a theory I fancy testing out grin

Rachael1880 Thu 24-Jan-13 15:43:48

Ahhh that would make a little more sense, I didnt realise thy passed info accross, what do they pass over? Mother name and time/place of birth etc etc. Do they also check things like if your married or just take your word for it??

gymboywalton Thu 24-Jan-13 15:41:43

the hospital alert the registar that a child has been born

Rachael1880 Thu 24-Jan-13 15:38:26

Hey All

Thought my title may have got your attention! Myself and husband have a 2 year old and maybe it was the lack of sleep but we got thinking, and this is what we were thinking and couldnt work out the answer :-)

Is it possible to:

A) Could you have a child in a hospital and fail to register it with the registrar within the 42 days, therefore having no birth certificate, would 'Big Brother' DWP etc know that a child had been bor a d their details?

B) is it possible to walk into a registry office, and let them know that a totally made up child had been born, give a false name and get a birth certificate, after all you dont need to take anything into the registry office as proof of being a parent or proof of being married etc?

We dont want to invent another child, the one we have is a handful and an imaginary one might just tip us over the edge, gets you thinking though.

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