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Getting a copy of an Irish birth cert

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bubble2bubble Sun 10-Feb-13 11:40:52

I did that for my grandmother's birth certificate, she was born around 1900.
We were pretty sure she was born in Tipperary so I phoned the local registry and they were very helpful. Had to fax back a form with name and approximate DOB and they came back with the certificate a couple of weeks later. Think it cost about 10/12 euros, but very impressive service.

You could try phoning the registry office closest to where she was born and asking them if their records go back that far. I don't know how effective record keeping was around that period though as things were gearing up for the civil war.

MillserL Thu 31-Jan-13 11:10:34

Hi there

There is a website to buy birth, death and marriage certs -

Good luck with your search smile

BetteDavis01 Mon 14-Jan-13 10:07:48

Thank you smile

ClareMarriott Sun 13-Jan-13 13:51:11

Bette Try checking and see if that helps

BetteDavis01 Sun 13-Jan-13 10:02:52

I'm researching my family tree and a branch of my family is from the Republic of Ireland. I'm trying to obtain a birth certificate for my Great Aunt who was born in ROI but I've got nowhere.

It's been really easy getting British certificates as I've gone online and used the GRO website but is there an Irish equivalent? I paid money for a company to do a search for me but they came back with nowt.

Can anyone tell me the official organisation to use in Ireland please.

My aunt was born in 1921 in County Kildare. Thank you

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