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Is there any way I can trace this person

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RockinD Tue 15-Jan-13 19:19:33

To order a birth certificate, go to That's the official site and the cheapest place.

If you have the full date of birth and the first name(s) you can search the death indexes and you never know, you may get a result.

Feel free to PM me if you think you need a hand with this.

MrsKnowName Mon 14-Jan-13 09:03:23

Thanks. I found her first name from the birth registration records from so I think I have found her birth details - how can I go about ordering her birth certificate to double check?

The problem is tracing her from here. My Gran doesn't know much about her as her mum didn't speak about her - she doesn't even know her name. My gran isn't sure that she was taken to London. So using ancestry I was thinking of doing a marriage / death search. But I only have her birth date (month and year) and possible name (until I can confirm this with birth certificate) so Im not sure how successful this will be. Oh and yes I do know the details of my great-grandmother and great-great grandmother (I have found their birth, marriage and death registrations on ancestry).

RockinD Sun 13-Jan-13 21:01:11

You can always trace people - it's just that some people take longer to trace than others!

If she was born in 1919, you should be able to identify her birth from the BMD indexes available on If you know the details of your great grandmother's birth, you will be able to use the mother's maiden name as a checking point. If you haven't lashed out on an Ancestry sub, then your local Library probably has.

If your great great aunt was taken from the family in 1919, she would not have been formally adopted, because that didn't come in until 1927, so she may have kept her original name, and if she did keep her original name then she will be no more difficult to trace than any other person with a common name.

If this were my question, I'd be building up the tree around the 'missing' child first, which includes checking that your Gran's story is correct.

Does that help?

adelle283498 Sat 12-Jan-13 11:59:52

Hmmm... in the SUN newspaper they do a feature every week near the back with people looking for people, I think you'd have to email them or something?

MrsKnowName Fri 11-Jan-13 13:01:59

Im very very new to this and just started researching my family history. I was speaking to my Gran and she was telling me that her mum had a sister who was taken away when only a few months old due to her mother dying. I know the year of birth and think I know her name, I def know her maiden name. Is there anyway of tracing her. I think she was moved to London but not sure about this. Because she was born in 1919 I cant use census records... is there another way?

She has a very common first and last name.

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