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Newbie looking for advice..

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Lavenderhoney Tue 23-Oct-12 20:02:02

I have decided to start to research my family tree, and my first stumbling lock is which site, ancestry or find my past? They both look the same, seem to cost the same, is there anything I have missed? Am preferring ancestry at the minute, not sure why, just from looking. Then I look at findmy past and like that!!

Any advice welcomesmile

RunShooFleeOOOOoooops Sat 27-Oct-12 09:19:00

They are both good sites. How about getting a short subscription for both and trying them out? Or if you go to your local library or archives they will probably have free access to some sites.

I currently have an ancestry subscription and the biggest fault with that site is the search results which are not very focused, they are much better with findmypast.

I think ancestry has more records available and is more widely used so connecting with others researching the same family could be useful (although you should always use other people's research as a starting point rather than a finished product unless published with source citations).

There are courses you can do online that can give you a real boost to get you going. I can pm you the name of the one I've used if you are interested.

Good luck with your research I hope you find it as fascinating as I do!

Lavenderhoney Tue 06-Nov-12 04:50:14

Thank you! That's very kind, I'll pm you

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