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Have any interesting history in your family?

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madbadanddangerous Sat 06-Oct-12 16:44:02

I just want to know if anyone has anything interesting. No one will probably post sad but oh well.

Here's mine: I have a great-uncle who was a spy for China during the war. However, most importantly, my grandmother, who was taken into a concentration camp aged 14, as she was a Polish Jew. She jumped out of the cattle trucks through a hole- she'd been destined for Auschwitz and almost certain death. Her parents were already dead. However, she later joined the French resitance and hid a British airman... my grandfather.

Anything interesting or unique about your family?

Valdeeves Thu 13-Dec-12 09:42:39

On my father's side we are related to the Earl of Essex who was part of Queen Elizabeth's Tudor court. She had him executed for being a traitor.

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