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bit of a mystery.. can anyone help?

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Windandsand Sat 19-May-12 17:59:51

I have managed to found out where and which hospital my mum was born and I know her dob, so i did a search for her birth cert. and it isn't there. There is no record of her birth. why would this be? it was in the uk and i really am stuck right now. thanks if anyone can help.

Liskey Sat 19-May-12 18:24:06

could she have been adopted? Or mistaken in her date of birth e.g her parents marriage was a bit "delayed" so her birthday was moved? Might be worth trying to track down her parents marriage?

Sabriel Sat 19-May-12 18:24:35

Where have you searched? I've got ancestry and findmypast so if you PM me the details I'll have a look for you if you like.

Windandsand Sun 20-May-12 13:05:50

hi, yes, i think she was adopted. It was a private adoption I have been led to understand, when she was about 6 months so i thought her birth cert would be ok. she ended up in a childrens home at about 14 when her adoptive parents were tragically killed and the rest of the family didn't want her. however its all very confusing as we have some pics of her as a baby with a woman who can only be her mother-(from the stories of the adopted parents) she would be about 18 mths.

I have looked at birth records for her name but there is nothing showing. Sabriel, that is very kind of you, i will pm you later if that is ok and you can decide if you need to look or its a dead end.

ivykaty44 Sun 10-Jun-12 21:30:26

did your mother have the same name on both birth certifictes?

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