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Family not on census!

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ivykaty44 Fri 06-Jan-12 22:05:35

where are you looking for this man on the census? If you are using one website for example findmypast - then use ancestry. The reason is that both companies have sent of the census information abroad for trnscribing to different companies, so you will often find the different companies made different transcription errors and when you can't find them on one website then try another.

it took me three years to find my great grandmother as both her first name had been transcribed wrong and her surname - a person familiar with English names would have known her name - but someone from Asia wrote down what appeared to be her name so Jane had become Lane - added to a mis-transcribed surname and it took me three years, I hadn't got a choice as findmypast where the only company with the 1911 census available grin

MudAndGlitter Thu 08-Dec-11 19:26:27

It's a ridiculously common surname as well which doesn't help!

MudAndGlitter Thu 08-Dec-11 19:25:57

I can try. I've found one of his sons and his wife's family but all I can find for him is death info, will and marriage. No birth and not on any census!

CMOTdibbler Thu 08-Dec-11 19:25:48

In my dads family, seems like noone could reliably spell their surname, and for added fun, loads of the family have the same christian name as first or second name, but interchangably use that, a contraction, or the other name. Which causes fun

SnowMuchToBits Thu 08-Dec-11 19:23:15

Are you sure his name hasn't been mis-spelt? I have found this has happened a few times with members of my family.

MudAndGlitter Thu 08-Dec-11 19:18:44

How strange I can't find this man on any census!

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