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Copying a family tree from one computer to another - can it be done?

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BearPear Thu 05-Jan-12 15:12:10

You can upload your tree from FTM as a GEDCOM file. Put it onto a memory stick and then import it into your Dad's edition of FTM. You can also import/export GEDCOM files to/from Ancestry. I think there is a button somewhere within both programmes which talk you through the process.

I recall that I copied from Ancestry onto FTM using this method. There are good "help" sections on both of those programmes.

NannyR Mon 05-Dec-11 13:06:55

I have Family Tree Maker on my PC with a fairly large family tree on it.
My dad has a lot of old photos scanned on his PC that he wants to organise and he's also interested in having a play about on Ancestry, so I've bought him the Family Tree Maker software for Christmas.

Is there an easy way to copy the family tree I have on my PC onto his once he has loaded the software?


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