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WW2 records?

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TiarasTimeOutsAndTantrums Wed 26-Oct-11 20:15:02

Are there enlistment records etc on ancestry? I can only seem to find ww1

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whomovedmychocolate Wed 26-Oct-11 23:14:53

There is a site called I think forces reunited that may be able to help you. smile

TiarasTimeOutsAndTantrums Thu 27-Oct-11 09:13:19

Thank you! I'm trying to do my grandparents family history for them as they aren't brilliant with the computer and I know his brother died in the war

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Kbear Thu 27-Oct-11 09:16:59

If you know which of the forces he served with you can get all the information from the relevant records office. My grandad was in the RAF and I wrote to them with his death certificate to get his RAF record of service.

TiarasTimeOutsAndTantrums Fri 28-Oct-11 13:29:44

It's the RAF I've found his grave online but not sure if there's a death cert still

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HerdOfTinyElephants Fri 28-Oct-11 13:47:13

Did he die in the UK or abroad?

Surviving next of kin can request a copy of the service record -- make sure you specify in your application that you want the service record and any other documentation they hold on your great-uncle.

For the RAF you'd need to fill in the form at and send it to RAF Disclosures Section, Room 221b, Trenchard Hall, RAF Cranwell, Sleaford, LINCS NG34 8HB with a cheque for £30 and copies (I think photocopies are fine) of relevant certificates. Your grandfather would need to actually be the one applying, though, as next of kin.

TiarasTimeOutsAndTantrums Fri 28-Oct-11 13:50:41

Oh thank you! He's buried in holland I've found a record online saying he was a flight sergeant.

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Kbear Fri 28-Oct-11 14:01:38

I have PM'd you Tiara

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