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Just started researching!

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TiarasTimeOutsAndTantrums Tue 25-Oct-11 20:47:14

Very excited as I've just signed up to ancestry. Not really sure where to start though so any advice would be excellent!

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tallulah Tue 25-Oct-11 20:52:52

Start with you grin

Presumably you know the names of your parents and grandparents. Put them on and then start working backwards. Once you get back to 1901 and beyond you have the census to check you've got the right person. If you don't have unusual surnames in the family you will probably need to buy some birth and marriage certificates.

Be warned it is highly addictive grin

TiarasTimeOutsAndTantrums Tue 25-Oct-11 22:52:28

I've got as far back as 1748 so far grin
This is addictive!

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bacon Thu 27-Oct-11 22:59:10

Its useful to ask your parents info on names and areas where they lived as names for me were Jones, morgan, williams. You do need bits otherwise you'll be guessing and going off on the wrong course.

Watch for name changes as it was common to be known by middle name. Dates are all over the place ie 1894, may be 1890, 1895. Census are fab info but again with common names you need areas and be careful as london was under different districts. SO many churches too.

I have a subscription on Find My Past. I like it.

I look forward to the grave yard visits, my boys arent so impressed and then you get sad when you see the way the yards have been left. It does make you think alot especially when you get the death certificates and read up on the conditions and illness. Think its good for history education too.

Yes, addicitive will spend very late nights up.

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