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Parish Records

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tb Tue 10-Jan-12 22:34:24

Is there a family history society for Hampshire/Wiltshire? Might be worth contacting them to ask which site they reckon is best for their area?

throckenholt Fri 31-Dec-10 16:31:50

not much help to you because I don't think it has much coverage for Hampshire and Wiltshire at present - but is good for some areas (Norfolk, Somerset, Lincolnshire) and growing all the time.

ivykaty44 Wed 22-Dec-10 16:11:22

contact the record office in these areas and ask if they have had their parish registers digitalised and which company did them

liamsdaddy Wed 22-Dec-10 10:56:47

How do the various online geneology websites compare for looking up Parish records?

We have Ancestry, and that is very good for London records, but doesn't seem to be so good for much else (or it may be they just don't have records from my area of interest).

We have been using the IGI.

Does anyone know how the other geneology websites compare (basically is it worth taking a subscription)?

For reference, we are mostly looking for parish records in the Hampshire/Wiltshire area.

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