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Do you have your own website/blog?

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Tinkerisdead Mon 06-Dec-10 14:11:55

I've been researching my family history for a couple of years and actually have managed to get quite far.

Eventually I want to make a book for my DD but until I have got everything I though maybe a website or a blog would be better to capture my recent findings and for family to view/share information on.

Inititally I thought a website would be best but as I'm not doing a one name study, it would become irrelevant for other branches of my tree, so maybe a blog would be better for musings and findings.

Does anyone else publish their info online other than the GEDCOM formats?

ItsJustMyOpinion Mon 06-Dec-10 14:17:59

I am also researching my family tree,but currently do not have it on anywhere other than and but during my reasearch I came accross a chap who shares mr greatx4 grandfather, he has put his tree on a site called tribalpages, I get regular newsletters with any updates he has added and any photos. I do not know if there is a charge for him using that site, but it is password protected. I have the password and can access it whenever I like.

HTH smile

Tinkerisdead Mon 06-Dec-10 19:45:59

thank to check it out smile

liamsdaddy Mon 20-Dec-10 14:22:49

I have a web page with a few pdf family tree's plus a export from our GEDCOM file using the Gramps program.

There is also a phpGEDview program that you can load onto a website that makes a fairly nice interface.

I wanted something fairly simple that my computer-newbie parents could use. phpGEDview looked a little too complicated. Plus we also maintain our data in a (private) tree in Ancestry and phpGEDview is intended as a replacement.

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