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I'm considering leaving teaching. What can I do?

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rainsbows Sun 05-Nov-17 19:16:54

Any ideas? I'd need to remain part time and preferably term time!

MiddleAgedMummy Sat 25-Nov-17 17:10:37


Appuskidu Sat 25-Nov-17 17:16:16

You might have more replies on the staff room board. You can talk to a 1000 other teachers in the same boat!

Not many other jobs that are term time only though, other than teaching assistants.

Leleophants Wed 14-Feb-18 16:21:36

Look at charities and education officer roles! Education charities are full of ex teachers also for more management and training roles. It's hard to know where to start but have a look.

Winterdown Tue 10-Apr-18 17:25:38

I am a medical social worker. Before bashing it, I love my job. It is fantastic. I get to work in the emergency department, with mums and babies, in intensive care... (canada). I could never do teaching because, while I love children, I need the break from being "on" all the time.

There is a significant shortage in the UK... I believe there are bursaries to train and the field is very well paid and diverse. Good luck with your choices.

ShepMummy Sun 22-Apr-18 18:18:20

I'd really consider a change of school before leaving! Lots of schools will offer flexible/ part time working if that's what you're interested in? I'm a teacher and set up The MTPT Project because so many good teachers are leaving when they become mums. Google Return to Teach and Flexible Teacher Talent who might be able to help out. Sometimes a change of school/ culture can reinvigorate your love of teaching.

HipHopTheHippieToTheHipHipHop Wed 20-Jun-18 12:37:23

Also try Education supply companies - I work at an edtech company and our account managers are mostly ex-teachers working school hours during term time. If our customers are on holiday there’s not a lot we can do.

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