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Seeking pt or reduced hours job & struggling! Any ideas!?

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Jenniferb21 Thu 19-Jan-17 09:08:15

Hi everyone

So I've nearly come to the end of my maternity leave. My job paid a basic salary of £30k and some commission but hours inc commuting were 7:30-6pm mon-fri and 1 sat a month 10-4. DH is a consultant who works from home but sometimes travels and stays away for a night to see clients. So I will sometimes be doing the nursery drop off and collect which would make the hours away from home longer and DS (8 months now) will be in nursery longer.

My dilemma is we had a big elaborate wedding soon after buying our house that's meant we've got a few grand on credit cards to pay off our honeymoon so I can't not work this year.

I would like to spend more time with DS and do a baby group/ sensory once a week but I can't seem to find any suitable jobs.

I have a law degree but didn't work want to be a solicitor so went into the private sector from uni and worked as a branch/ sales manager. Everything similar seems to be full time/ no job share of reduced hours opportunities.

My dilemma is I don't have other childcare I.e grandparents available so my income has to pay the £850 odd monthly nursery fee (if I work fill time) Otherwise I'd be looking at the usual part time jobs in retail and cafes etc which is actually love (limited stress, no responsibility of others, no work to take home) I can't work evenings because DH sometimes is away and weekends would mean limited family time.

I really would appreciate any advice/ ideas.

Thank you x

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