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Learning French

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AgentPineapple Wed 10-Aug-16 19:38:10

I am a SAHM, so every penny counts, I desperately want to learn French, with a view to moving there one day to work when the kids are a bit older. My DH works but we do get some tax credits. I have tried learning myself but to be honest I need structure and accountability otherwise I'll never do it. I am hoping for a cheap or free course. Does anyone have any suggestions? I know some French and can read very basic French and understand some verbally. It's more confidence, I just fall to bits when faced with an actual French person and always end up apologising and saying my French is poor (in French) that's the only thing I can really say confidently. I travel there once or twice a year. I have twins so when I was there last month a lot of people stopped me to ask questions and I just looked like a total moron, not being able to understand or answer the simplest of questions. It's embarrassing!

LonginesPrime Sun 11-Dec-16 23:38:24

Have you had a look at the italki website? You can schedule paid lessons with teachers or can arrange to chat with someone informally for free, over Skype - there are always people wanting to practise their English so I'm sure you could find someone to do a language exchange with on there.

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