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Becoming a teaching assistant with young children

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Hi2every1 Mon 25-Jan-16 19:52:46

Hi all I'm after some advice. I'm looking at getting into been a teaching assistant. What's TA's opinions on training on the job vs getting qualified first then finding a TA job.Also how hard would it be starting a new career with 2 lo my ds1 is at school but ds2 is still at home (at the moment), I feel like now as my boys are growing up I want a life of my own and I'm young enough(Ish) to start a new career😊

Alicesmith85 Wed 17-Feb-16 08:43:15

I did this in September. Worked in insurance previously. Took a huge pay cut. The money is poor, be warned! However, the hours and holidays are great and the job itself very rewarding. I have a one year old daughter. She goes to a term time only childminder so that saves a lot on childcare bills too. I didn't have any formal qualifications and don't think its necessary to do any training before applying for a job, I do love children and I think the fact that I was in my last job ten years helped as continuity of staff was important to the interview panel. O for it!

Alicesmith85 Wed 17-Feb-16 08:43:32


MoreCrackThanHarlem Wed 17-Feb-16 08:52:17

I started work as a TA 6 years ago when my dd was in year 3.
I had 4 years volunteering experience at my daughter's school. This is your best route in if possible.

All the TAs at the school where I am based are educated to at least A level, if not degree, but SLT definitely look for experience on application and interview. Far more emphasis is placed on this than a formal TA qualification.

The pay is poor. However, there is scope for career progression, particularly in inner city schools where support staff have varied roles in both learning and pastoral care.

I have progressed from TA to Behaviour Support Worker, Learning Mentor and now I am Education Welfare Officer. I work less with children now and my responsibilities are mainly in attendance and child protection, with a little bit of 'firefighting' with the most extremely challenging children.

Hi2every1 Wed 17-Feb-16 12:37:52

Thank you for your replies. My sons school told me they have no space for me to volunteer but I've left my cv and cover letter for future reference. I am also planning on asking/ dropping cv off at other local schools as soon as term starts again next week.

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