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4dw permanent jobs, Is there such a thing?

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SecondTimeMom14 Mon 10-Aug-15 18:26:11


I work full-time and wish to change to 4 days per week to have an extra day with the kids, ideally with a new employer, as I feel I need more of a challenge and to grow further...

I have started looking but I do not see any roles for my job that are permanent and 4dpw, are there such jobs? and if yes, are they rare? I am a project manager, I would not mind a different kind of role as long as I am in similar salary ranges...

Lucyannieamy Tue 11-Aug-15 01:04:41

Hi there
Yes 4dpw jobs exist - I currently work 4dpw as a project manager - just recently sorted, 8weeks in. I actually moved jobs when my 2nd was 14months old having been 4dpw at my last employer, (but only temporary on return from 2nd mat leave) . Started at the new place on 5dpw and then put request in after 6 months to drop to 4dpw which was accepted.

However caution that although work have been really accommodating I have found it very hard to structure my work so that I don't have something happening on Fri that I need to manage. There always seems to be something occurring. And Monday morning is just awful trying to get through all of Fri emails and Mondays work. I am strongly considering doing Fri as wk from home half day, as I don't want to be the mug that checks emails whilst not getting paid for it.hmm

madwomanbackintheattic Tue 11-Aug-15 01:12:24

I just do the same number of hours that I used to do in five days in four days under a flexible working/ altered work week agreement. For the last 18 mos I have been taking weds off, but may have to switch to Thursday from sept. At our place you can't request Friday or Monday for operational reasons.

bretonstripedmum Tue 11-Aug-15 01:56:21

Generally it is easier to start a job on 5 days per week and request to drop down to 4 days once you have been there for a bit... usually after passing your probationary period.

That said... loads of jobs advertised as 'full time' would definitely consider 4 days from the off. They just don't mention it in the ad so it's absolutely worth an ask. It's only a day a week, after all, and if you are the strongest candidate and the job could be completed over 4 days then the question is why wouldn't they hire you? ... you'll be costing the company less for a start.

Obvs don't start your application with flexible working demands. And - to echo lucyannieamy - make sure that your day off really is a day off, not an unpaid working from home day.

Madwoman - I like the idea of an altered work week arrangement. Neat.

Best of luck!

MrsCornish Wed 19-Aug-15 07:15:25

I work 30 hrs over 5 days so I'm home after school every day. I negotiated this from a full time job but I think there's every chance that if you were offered a 5 day job you could ask to reorganize.

BikeRunSki Wed 19-Aug-15 07:39:30

Public Sector jobs are often very flexible like this - look at big "Qango" organisation - Environment Agency, Highways England, Welsh and Scottish governments, unitary Local Authorities; also Water/Utility Companies, which seem to generally work more flexibly than private organisations. The organisations I listed all employ PMs - assuming you are PRINCE2 qualified you should have no problem working for one of them if a job is advertised externally. I work for one of those bodies and our jobs are only advertised externally if there is no internal interest after 2-6 weeks. Often posts are only until the end of the current or next tax year due to the way we are now funded.

iwannadancewithsomebody Wed 18-Nov-15 11:28:26

I recently started a job which was advertised as full time and work 4days. I phoned prior to applying, explained my situation and was it worth applying for.

I was told yes and I got the job.

Employers would rather have the right person for the job doing hours that suited them rather than the wrong person who can do 5 days.

I have spoken informally to other employers who would be happy to consider 4 day weeks.

Good luck

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