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PGCE and ttc??

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Aaliah1234 Tue 07-Jul-15 02:37:05

Hi all,
I'm very very confused at the moment. I'm due to start my science pgce this September. I am excited but atm I'm having second thoughts. My husband really really wants a baby but I had been putting it off for a year a half because I wanted to graduate and then do my pgce. It's making me upset because I know he really wants one but at the same time he's being supportive and saying that he wants me to do my pgce.
I got a place at the university I wanted so I don't want to give that up but at the same time I feel guilty. We are stable financially but i would like to work as it would be easier for us to get a mortgage.
Now I don't know what I should do. I was thinking to get pregnant whilst on pgce so I can have the baby in summer after I finish the course and go back to work in September. Is the nqt year really important? And how long do u have to complete it?

Aaliah1234 Tue 07-Jul-15 02:37:59


nailsathome Tue 07-Jul-15 04:06:20

I've been a Science teacher for 10 years. I'd say wait until after your nqt year. Both your pgce and nqt years are really tough without the added stress of pregnancy/baby to worry about.

You may also find your career over before it's started too as teaching is an occupation full of politics.

icklekid Tue 07-Jul-15 04:34:23

Yes the nqt year (your first year of teaching) is a requirement to fully qualify. You have 5 years from graduating to do it otherwise you have to do further university qualifications before being employed I believe. If at all possible I agree with previous poster do pgce and nqt year then have a baby. Your nqt year is really tough going and with a very small child you would be under an immense amount of pressure. You would also then get paid maternity which is not insignificant! Good luck and don't feel guilty about putting your career above your husbands desire for a baby. If he carries on working ft after 2 weeks paternity your life is likely to change significantly more than his (I know this doesn't have to be the case but often is!) So don't resent him for not taking opportunities for yourself!

rebbles Tue 07-Jul-15 05:04:28

I agree with pp. I a also a science teacher and waited for 2 years post NQT year until I felt that I really knew what I was doing. Am due in Nov so would have done PGCE, NQT plus 2 years by then. Feels just right and will be comfortable to go back with added baby stress. I think you will at least want to do PGCE and NQT before you TTC so you can easily return afterwards. They are tough years.

jclm Mon 17-Aug-15 18:52:21

Yes i agree with the other posters. Also it is best to get paid maternity leave or else how will you survive? X

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