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Bupa - Family Friendly!

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sensibleadult Thu 11-Jun-15 14:32:12

Ive recently gone back to work after mat leave and took a role at Bupa within their care homes as a care assistant and Ive found it to be amazingly convenient for my lifestyle.
I can work nights and days depending on what my other half is working so that theres always someone at home for the little one.
They pay breaks aswell which not many other care companies do - at first I was put off by the pay as its not that great but when you factor in the paid breaks it actually makes it alot better.
Has anyone else had similar experiences with Bupa cos Ive obviously seen alot of negative feedback about them - but I guess not many people do go online to talk about the positive experiences theyve had, many use forums etc as a sounding board when theyve got an issue which I spose can give an unfair representation of a company - was just wondering if anyone else had similar experiences?

GingerScouse Tue 01-Mar-16 13:40:56

I also work for Bupa (but in a Head Office capacity) and I've found that it is very dependent on your manager.

I can, for example, work overtime and take it back as time off in lieu, but this is an informal arrangement and I can work from home if I need to (e.g. waiting for a large delivery or workman). I don't think it's company policy though. I am still expected to work my contracted hours, but my manager is flexible in this requirement and appreciates that we have real lives too. Some managers are not like this.

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