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Job sharing with the wrong person, will this work?

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Maia290 Tue 09-Jun-15 20:27:28

Im discussing with work the possibilty of job sharing, there is only one person interested in job share, but I don't think she is the right person to job share with me. We are very different, she is known for being very bossy, and wants to do everything her own way. Im not bossy at all, I am already quite scared about how she sounds. I hope the tasks can be divided as much as possible and each of us takes care of our own activities, so hopefully there is not much to share.
Has anybody got experience of job sharing? Do you think I am setting up for disaster?

MrsNextDoor Wed 10-Jun-15 19:50:06

You say you're scared of how she sounds...have you not met her yet?

Sometimes this can actually work you find that in the job currently you have parts of it that you like and parts you don't? Are you concerned you will end up with the crappy parts and she'll snaffle the best?

If that's true, then the thing to do is to set up a meeting where the job is laid out and shared out between you both with your manager present. Then, if she does step on your toes, you can point to the facts...and have something concrete to point out. A new job description would be a good idea in fact.

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