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Going from Ft to 4dpw

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Lucyannieamy Fri 20-Mar-15 09:29:50

I am in an odd situation, my employer has agreed to reducing my hours down to 4dpw through a formal request, but now I find myself chickening out.
I have 2 kids, DD almost 5 in reception and DS just 2yr. I worked FT throughout my DD early years and my reason for wanting to reduce my hours was more about spending time with my daughter after school. But what I've ended up with is a full day off with my son.
So I'm thinking maybe I should switch to just half day off, so I can keep up with work in the morning with son in childcare and then do pick up. Or should I just enjoy a day with my son I didn't have with DD?

AliMonkey Fri 20-Mar-15 18:57:42

One on one time with DS will be good - if he's like my DS he will have spent the first few years of his life doing what DD wanted to do as she was vocal enough to choose.

Or can you do two half days so have a couple of hours twice a week with DS but also two days after school with DD?

wednesdayblues Tue 28-Jul-15 21:14:27

I work 4dpw and (mostly) enjoy it. It's good to take dd1 to school and see other mums one day a wk; dd2 gets quality time with me she's never had, then we have time altogether from pick up til bedtime. Personally I think it's better to have a whole day not at work to focus on kids but depends on your job.good luck, everyone is different!smile

SecondTimeMom14 Mon 10-Aug-15 18:20:29

4 days a week is my dream. Precious time with DS is lovely and you cannot get that time back, you will have a more balanced life in my opinion! So if you can afford it financially, go for it I say

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