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I need Torsten around 30k per year and still be a mum! Any ideas?

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positively9something Wed 30-Apr-14 17:24:37

So I am currently working parttime in an administrative role, I earn 15k, I get tax credits and I take my dd to school and collect her everyday. But I can't afford to live on the money I currently get.

I've worked out to pay my bills and have a little extra each month I need to earn 30k plus.

My experience involves sales jobs including estate agency, and administration roles. I have also been a team leader and a manager.

I have recently trained to teach business admin in a college and I am fully qualified but as I don't have experience it is difficult to get a job. Also the starting salary is likely to be around 25 k

I could work as an nvq assessor but the salary would be between 22k and 25k!

I'm thinking really it will have to be a sales job or a pa job in Central london possibly! But then I will be paying much more in childcare and will take longer to travel to work etc confused.

It's so hard being a single parent trying to find the right work life balance!

Quinteszilla Wed 30-Apr-14 17:29:58

I have never before seen my Norwegian uncle Torsten pop up in an autocorrect before. Excellent! grin

positively9something Wed 30-Apr-14 20:11:21

He he sorry I meant to say I need to earn 30k grin

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