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Flexible working - what are your top tips on making it work?

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carriemumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 27-Feb-12 11:57:59

Mumsnet are working with the Anywhere Working campaign which aims to promote flexible working and encourage more businesses to get involved. It all ties in with some of the things we've been trying to encourage through our very own Family Friendly programme and will hopefully make some noise that means businesses not currently enjoying the benefits of flexible working will start to take notice <optimistic Monday feelings>.

We thought it might be helpful to pull together some tips around flexible working - either how you managed to persuade your boss to allow flexible working, and/or how you make it work for your employees, what flexible working means for you (we know it's not just about part-time) and how you manage it, what makes the biggest difference (attitude, technology etc) and if you work from home, how you avoid spending the whole day -on Mumsnet listening to the radiosmile

It would also be great to hear any examples where flexible working has had a positive effect on your company's bottom line (always helps if you can demonstrate that businesses are going to save/ make money).

The campaign is running all week and I'll be taking part in a Q&A on the Working Facebook page at 3.45pm today - so do drop in if you have a mo.

Thanks all

BikeRunSki Tue 28-Feb-12 12:55:05

After maternity leave, I went back to a jobshare. This situation came about when I was in discussion with my line manager about returning to work pt. She was aware of another girl who wanted to work pt,who'se DD is a year older than my DS and line manager set it up, with a 6 month trial to see if it would work. That was 2.5 years ago! My partner works Mon-Wed, I work Wed-Fri. The mutual Wednesday is essential for detailed hand over, although we also leave each other notes. Because we work 6 days between us, we take on more work than the role would be expected to do if it was just done by 1 ft person.

We have each other's personal mobile numbers, but also a strict understanding not to abuse them on the other's non-working days. We are friendly enough not to get grumpy when the other does need to ring. We are also flexible enough that if we both need to be in on the same day - ie for role-specific training, then we can usually accomodate that (my line manager has even paid for me to have an extra day child care when she really needed us both in on a Tuesday). Because we both have DC (now 2 each) of similar age, we are both sympathetic to each others situation.

My line manager and jobshare partner would agree that the jobshare has worked really well. The joint Wednesday is essential, and we have constantly sought feedback , but I think a lot of our success has been down to personality. We have also worked really hard to make sure that our colleagues and clients know that we are "as one". We have had great feedback about our seamlessness too, when someone has asked my partner to do some work/asked a question and i have come back with the answer a few days later.

We have been restructured now, and the role we have been jobsharing will no longer exist in the new structure. It is also likely that we will be based in different offices in the new structure. We are gutted!

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