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Can I select which requests I'm happy to get?

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spiralqueen Wed 07-Oct-09 23:11:39

Rarely get opportunity to get on Facebook (MN taking priority when I manage to get some time on the net) so there are always humungous numbers of requests waiting for me - tonight there were 93. Don't mind the "we're related" stuff but the rest I would never realistically get round to doing anything with.

Can I just allow "we're related" requests and lose everything else? If I click on the "ignore from this person" option does that person know you are ignoring their requests?

differentnameforthis Wed 07-Oct-09 23:46:20

It won't let the person know you are ignoring their requests, but you will not see anything they send you.

Best, if you have time, is to go thru the request & click 'block application' then no one can send requests form the applications you block.

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