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Why did someone post on my wall and we are not friends....???

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evaangel2 Sat 19-Sep-09 08:27:41

2 people have commented on my wall status and I dont know can I prevent this from happening?

purepurple Sat 19-Sep-09 08:32:41

Go into settings, select privacy settings and set everything to 'friends only'

PortAndLemon Sat 19-Sep-09 08:33:08

Check Settings -> Privacy Settings -> Profile and make sure everything is set to Only Friends, then click on Save Changes.

You may also want to check Settings -> Privacy Settings -> Search and make sure that your Public Search Listing is disabled.

preggersplayspop Sat 19-Sep-09 08:34:15

Weird, have you checked your privacy settings so that only friends can see you?

DuelingFanjo Sat 19-Sep-09 08:36:19

you need to change your privacy settings.

Hover over tettings at the top right

click 'privacy settings'

Then click 'profile'

then scroll down until you see 'wall posts' and the in the drop down menu change it to Friends.

that will mean only your friends will see your wall. If they can't see it then they won't be able to comment.

there may be other ways of doing this but this should stop them for now I think.

evaangel2 Sat 19-Sep-09 08:53:18

I am getting suspicious that my account may have been hacked...what should I do?

MANATEEequineOHARA Sat 19-Sep-09 09:01:32

Have you done what other people here have said!?

evaangel2 Sat 19-Sep-09 09:07:29

yes..the settings were only set to friends....this is weird

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