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Farmville and Facebook on the iphone - how?

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Tobermory Wed 26-Aug-09 21:33:07

Anyone know how to get farmville on facebook on the iphone?
Please tell me it's possible?

EyeballsintheSky Wed 26-Aug-09 21:38:28

Nope. Sorry. I sit here on my iPhone (not literally) worrying about my pineapple crop and not being able to do anything about it. It's not good

Tobermory Wed 26-Aug-09 21:44:10

Eyeballs tell me it's not true!

I am away fir the bank holiday weekend, my crops will die!
And what about when I go back to work....!

MerlinsBeard Mon 31-Aug-09 20:41:52

plan ahead and plant 4 day crops next time x

apparently flash doesn't work on a iphone (or other mobiles that are able to do "stuff")

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