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is it just me or does anyone else look at their old friend's profiles and think everyone elses life seems so much better?

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juicychops Fri 21-Aug-09 20:42:57

well not everyone. but a lot of people. people from my year with great jobs, either engaged or getting married, going on lovely holidays, going out to nice places, just feel like my life is a total bore compared to a lot on there!!

there are also quite a few people from my year at school who are now in a relationship together and are either engaged or already married which i think is really nice. it would have been nice to end up with a childhood sweetheart (although the only problem there is that i didn't have one!) instead ive had one relationship that was the worst a relationship could ever get, and the one im in now on the brink of ending!

i want a life that i can brag about and people from my past hear about it and think 'wow that must be amazing'

i was one of the least popular people in my year at school by the way so have always felt like i want to get one up on the people who made my life hell. although at the moment i think they would just laugh at me

jumpyjan Fri 21-Aug-09 21:03:31

Facebook is not a true reflection of someones life. It is merely a snapshot of what they want to show of their life (i.e. the good bits). Take my facebook photos for example - they show happy pictures of me and DH/DC on days out, enjoying the summer etc they do not show pictures of us cleaning up the effects of DD's tummy bug at 3am the other (very early) morning or a lovely snapshot me with baby puke on my shoulder trying to clean poo of the carpet (its a glamourous life).

Try not to be envious (we are all guilty of it from time to time) and think about the good things you have in your life not the good things other people tell you they have in theirs.

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