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Can't get into my farm on Farmville or my neighbours.. or anything!!

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LuluMaman Thu 20-Aug-09 18:26:10

anyone else having this problem?

LuluMaman Thu 20-Aug-09 18:35:29


ladyofshallots Thu 20-Aug-09 18:40:47

I can't either.

FiveGoMadInDorset Thu 20-Aug-09 18:42:55

Just got onto mine and its fine.

IOnlyReadtheDailyMailinCafes Thu 20-Aug-09 18:47:14

mine is fine, she even has hair and clothes.

LuluMaman Thu 20-Aug-09 18:52:14

ok, tahnk you, am going to reboot and see if that helps

thanks all

TheProvincialLady Thu 20-Aug-09 18:53:33

Mine is down too They are doing maintenance apparently.

LuluMaman Thu 20-Aug-09 19:15:53

thanks... i have rebooted and no luck and tried via laptop but still can't get on

hopefully if there is a problem, it isbeing fixed

TheProvincialLady Thu 20-Aug-09 19:56:31

Not that you are desperate.....grin

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