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Ripped off on F/B Marketplace

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milkybeans Fri 01-Dec-17 21:06:39

Bit of a rant I'm afraid and after some advice. Have used F/B Market place and local buy/sell sites for ages with no issues. Recently saw an item that I'd been after for ages, and the seller was really responsive, very quick, couldn't be more helpful. Asked me to pay via paypal 'friends and family' to save her paying commission, which I did (often do). Anyway, the tracking number came through, said item arrived...only it was a very cheap (obviously cheap) copy. I immediately PM'd seller who then blocked me! I contacted paypal who aren't interested. I've managed to track down her phone number but when they answer are very cagey and claim not to know her (yeah right!), and I've got her address. To be honest it's less than £50 so it's hardly worth taking to court - but it's the principle of the thing as much as anything, I can't afford a loss like this!!!!

hevonbu Sun 17-Dec-17 09:32:35

The loss is already made. It's annoying but I'm not surprised that it happened. The warning signs were there. Was it an expensive bag at a bargain price, or similar? Certain items are more prone to scams I believe, such as handbags, expensive wristwatches, phones, etc.

Violletta Sun 17-Dec-17 09:34:48

never pay friends and family to strangers
but conversely never accept paypal for collection/personal delivery (as with no proof of delivery from a courier type firm, they can do chargeback claiming not delivered)

can you try contacting her on a new account?

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