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If I block someone what can they see

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KrsJd Tue 23-May-17 13:31:12


I have blocked a group of people from being able to view my Facebook profile. However a sibling is still Facebook friends as are a couple of other family members. If said sibling/family member were to like or comment on something I posted, presumably I'm right in thinking the blocked people definitely cannot see it?

CwtchMeQuick Tue 23-May-17 13:35:14

If you block someone they can't see anything of yours, not even that you have a profile.

ew1990 Tue 23-May-17 13:35:56

No they can't, can't see anything, if they were to search for you on Facebook you wouldn't come up x

KrsJd Tue 23-May-17 13:37:12

Thanks that's really helpful, makes me a bit paranoid because I know it pops up on news feeds if we just weren't Facebook friends but good to know it won't happen when blocked! Thanks again grin

user14809fhfdgg Tue 23-May-17 13:42:02

Bit if your sister was to write a post about you and tag you in it your name will come up just not in bold. It will be your full name too so it's obvious it's a tag x

KrsJd Tue 23-May-17 13:48:23

@user14809fhfdgg thank you, yeah that's not too much of an issue and I'm not concerned about them finding out they're blocked as I'm sure they're well aware. I just want to make sure certain people don't find out details of my baby when I have it later this year. I've asked others don't post online without permission but I keep my friends list small and intimate so I want to make sure when we announce it as we intend to that I can do so without those people being able to view it.

user14809fhfdgg Tue 23-May-17 14:12:50

If you post or add a pic check that there isn't the world icon on your post. X

kingjofferyworksintescos Tue 23-May-17 19:11:20

Do you have to be friends first to be able to block someone ?

KrsJd Tue 23-May-17 20:58:53

@kingjofferyworksintescos nah managed to search them all by name and block, fortunately!

@user14809fhfdgg thanks for all your help!

rowtheboats Tue 10-Oct-17 12:50:51

That's actually not true anymore. For example, I blocked someone and I can still see their comment but when clicking on their name it says something like 'page cannot be found'

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