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Weird typing issues.

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SapphireSeptember Wed 05-Apr-17 16:27:46

I'm on a Lenovo tablet using Google chrome. Trying to type messages and posts on Facebook is now impossible. I make a mistake and backspace, it duplicates it, sometimes a stupid amount of times and the more I try getting rid of it the more it happens, or I type a word, press the space button and then said word vanishes. I try and get around this by using my notebook app and copy and pasting, but just did this to PM my mum and it sent the message three times in a huge wall of text. And sometimes I'll type a word and half of it vanishes. Does anyone else know what I mean and how do I fix it? It's really irritating me now! Or are Facebook just trying to piss off mobile internet users who want to use their browser and not go through the apps?

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