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Can other people see whether you have editedsomething you already posted?

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Cheeseandbeansontoast Sun 25-Dec-16 11:34:48

I know it comes up as edited, but can they see what you put previously, iyswim? Xx

ButteredToastAndStrawberryJam Sun 25-Dec-16 12:06:10

No, it just says edited. You have control over your comments.

EnoughAlreadyLady Sun 25-Dec-16 12:06:44

Yes, you can actually. You can click on it and see the edit history, time, and previous text.

ButteredToastAndStrawberryJam Sun 25-Dec-16 12:10:03

Ow, didn't know that sorry. Has it always been like that.

Cheeseandbeansontoast Sun 25-Dec-16 13:09:58

Cheers, luckily I hadn't said anything bad in my original post, just added a couple of icons on. Phew...

ButteredToastAndStrawberryJam Sun 25-Dec-16 14:35:56

Just noticed your username, that's a good combo too grin

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