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MrsGlam Tue 01-Nov-16 08:24:58

Cross posted.

I signed up to instagram a long time ago and not used it in a long time..Its been in my Facebook list awhile but it's suddenly changed to what you see in the picture...I don't want it there its annoying! Any idea how I get rid of it? (I don't have access to the instagram account anymore).
I have already managed to get rid of my more recent account from there by following what it says on google but this one then replaced it and I can no longer do what it said on google.

HelloMist Tue 01-Nov-16 16:50:26

hi, not sure really, but I was annoyed to see them linked as well! Facebook bought Instagram I think, so maybe we have no choice sad Will watch thread to see if you get any help. I've emailed the Android app makers.

you could see if you can reset your password to delete your Instagram account or change the settings.

MrsGlam Tue 01-Nov-16 20:00:35

Thanks! Hope we get some answers it's very annoying!

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