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Help with shop function on a Facebook business page please!

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ProseccoBitch Tue 16-Aug-16 15:21:24

I buy and sell used furniture and have had a Facebook business page for some time. It's a faff to list things, the best option I've found is to put everything I have for sale in one photo album to people can see it all in one place and then add further photos of each item using the comments section. REcently, a 'shop' section option popped up which seemed to be the answer to my prayers as you can add multiple photos of each item - great I thought! However, if you add a photo and it appears the wrong way up (they are the right way up on my laptop but some appear the wrong way once I upload them to the shop) you can edit the photo and rotate it, then press save, but it still appears the wrong way up. Haven't been able to get any help from Facebook itself yet so thought I would try on here in case anyone has mastered it.

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