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order of feed on group pages, too many ads, AND google chrome question

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lljkk Sat 23-Apr-16 10:47:47

On a facebook group I want to see posts in order of when each thread started. How do I do this? There seems to be no way to change the order (unlike my generic newsfeed where we have 2 options). The order is all random or maybe by latest / most posts to each thread, it's driving me batty because it takes so long to find the new theads being started.

My facebook newsfeed is drowning in feeds from not-my-friends. I would like a balance of mostly friends posts & a few others (the groups like MSF, political pages or BBC etc). Is there any way to customise it to mostly friends & just a few not-family/friends? Else I see hardly any of my family+friends' pages, it's all the other stuff instead! DH has solved this by ONLY following a handful of closest family. I guess he clicks on groups when he can be bothered to, otherwise.

Also, I don't want to use Chrome as web-browser. How do I tell Google SE to stop trying to get me to install Chrome?

TIA if anyone knows.

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Sat 23-Apr-16 10:58:32

as far as face book goes you need to sort your friends into groups and then you can select which groups you want to see
any persistent offenders can be unfollowed (or "see less of" ...not sure if that is still an option)

FB ads in your news feed need ruthless blocking...block every one you see, after about a month you get rid of them

Don't know about the groups...I am pretty sure that they all run on "most recent" so you should be seeing new stuff, unless some dweeb lkes a post from months ago and bumps it up

no idea about the google thang! grin

lljkk Sat 23-Apr-16 12:05:35

aha! It wasn't "Groups" technically, it was under the section they call 'Friends' and click "more" & then there are lists of types of friends that can be edited (coz that's so obvious confused & hmm ).
Anyway, thanks for encouraging me to find all that. Much nicer smile

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