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Can you make a new album on FB using pictures already on your page?

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Katymac Wed 02-Mar-16 18:19:52

I need to make a new album & I'm not at home so I want to use photos alrready on their

But I can't work out how (other than saving them to this laptop & then re-uploading them - which seems daft)


sykadelic Sat 05-Mar-16 05:43:47

Yes, if you're on a computer (haven't tried for phone).

Find a photo you want to move and click on it to open it in preview (when the comments on the right side).

At the bottom of the photo will be some options, "make profile photo", etc. Click on the one called "Options" and select "move to another album". You can either select an album that already exists or scroll to the bottom of the album list to "create new album". Create your new album then continue moving photos by this time selecting your newly created album.

Katymac Sat 05-Mar-16 07:14:35

Thank you

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